Taittinger Collection Grand Draw

In 2014 the IWC won the case of 12 limited edition Taittinger Collection, which includes 12 bottles previously owned by our CEO’s late twin brother Michael Cox. Last year Taittinger Champagne released a 13th bottle which the IWC have added to the original lot to make it up to the full limited edition collection. Now the collection can be yours!

The ‘Taittinger Collection’ vintage Champagne bottles comprise the entire collection of thirteen vintages presented in exclusive bottles designed by world renowned artists and released by Champagne Taittinger over the last 35 years. The collection in priceless as very few enthusiasts around the world actually own the complete collection.

You have an unprecedented opportunity to own it just by entering the ‘Grand Draw’. Your trade charity have printed 1250 exclusive raffle numbered tickets available at the cost of £20.


The Grand Draw will take place during the IWC Awards Dinner on Thursday 6th July 2017.

  • To enter please confirm your willingness to purchase the tickets by emailing Jo Riordan, Marketing & Events Coordinator: Jo.riordan@thebenevolent.org.uk
  • Proceed with the payment; the cost to enter the ‘Grand Draw’ is £20, which must be paid to:

The Benevolent

NatWest Bank
Sort Code: 60-05-11
Acct No. 87224763

or by making a donation – PRESS THE BUTTON DONATE ON THE TOP RIGHT

  • The Benevolent team will send you a scanned copy of your ticket to be kept as receipt until the day of the ‘Grand Draw’.
  • The ticket will be then entered in the ‘Grand Draw’.
  • Good luck to all the participants!

Tickets will be also available to be purchased during The Benevolent Quiz Night and the IWC in April. The winner will be notified on Friday 7th July 2017.

We would like to send out a massive thank you to IWC team, Chris Ashton and our Trustee Andrew Reed for supporting us so generously.