Mental Health Survey

Mental health is a crucial topic. The Benevolent has decided to be part of a social movement aimed at changing the perception of mental health difficulties and advocating for stigma-free conversations in the workplace.

For this reason, to complement the launch of the charity’s mental health awareness campaign #NotAlone, The Benevolent has commissioned a survey addressed to the current members of the UK drinks industry aimed at:

  • Outlining current mental health difficulties experienced by members of the UK drinks industry
  • Discovering existing HR policies to support employees with mental health difficulties
  • Understanding practices adopted by employers if a specific policy is in place

This survey will fit in the strategic development of the Charity, since mental health will be a key issue for The Benevolent.  The Charity aims to generate the conversation about mental health in the work place, resulting in a stigma free environment within the industry – in respective of your professional or personal circumstance.

The survey has been commissioned to Wine Intelligence, the global company dedicated to supporting wine businesses and associations through consulting, branding & market research. *


The Benevolent will not have access to any personal information supplied in the research. The charity will only receive the analysed group data by Wine Intelligence. The survey is anonymous and strictly confidential. The individual answers will not be linked to any personal information such as your name or email address.

The Benevolent’s CEO Chris Porter commented: “I cannot imagine what it must be like to be living with depression, severe stress and anxiety and having nowhere to go or no one to talk to. Mental health issues are not restricted to class, race, gender, sexual or religious orientation – it can effect anyone at anytime in their lives and our Trade is no exception. I am very proud that we are announcing this campaign today, to help those that are impacted by this and for them to know that they are not alone. We are Here to Help. The campaign spearheads our existing work as we begin this new year, which will see The Benevolent offering an even greater level of support to those in our industry who are currently suffering real hardship and difficulty in their lives. I would like to thank the Trade, especially our Corporate Partners, Ambassadors and fundraisers for all their fantastic and ongoing support. “

In recognition of your support and the time taken to complete the survey, our generous supporters Victoria and Caspar Bowes of Bowes Wine have offered a Gold Membership with the Daily Drinker Wine Club. For the last decade The Daily Drinker has been introducing wine lovers to new grape varieties, regions and countries, giving its members a real taste for knowledge. The gold membership entitles the lucky winner to receive a case of 6 bottles delivered every 3 months for a year. The value of this incredible prize is £290.

The prize draw will take place on 29 March 2018. If you wish to participate in the prize draw, please enter your email at the end of the survey.  PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR CONTACT DETAILS WILL REMAIN COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL NOT BE LINKED TO YOUR SURVEY ANSWERS. The prize draw will be administered by Wine Intelligence on behalf of The Benevolent.

The Benevolent team are urging members of the Trade to engage and answer the questionnaire, and to forward the link of the survey to their colleagues, employees and friends within the Trade.

For further information about the survey, please email Alessandra Brugola , Marketing & Communications Manager, or please 020 7089 3888.

The Benevolent team would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Victoria and Caspar Bowes of Bowes Wine for generously sponsoring the project, and to Wine Intelligence for the valuable collaboration and service provided.



*Any information supplied in the survey will be processed by Wine Intelligence. The research is conducted in accordance with market research codes of practice, including the codes of conduct set by ESOMAR, the US Marketing Research Association and the Market Research Society (UK).