Corporate Partnership

IMG_5219At The Benevolent we believe that the UK drinks industry is more than just a group of businesses, it is a vibrant community populated by people passionate about their brands and who truly enjoy working in the trade. Thus, we feel that industry leaders and their companies within this community have a vested interest, and responsibility, to ensure the wellbeing of the members of the trade now and in years to come.

The Benevolent is the only charity dedicated to supporting members of the UK drinks industry when they experience difficult times, regardless of their personal circumstances, and as such we are uniquely qualified to support your employees – past and present. By investing and financially helping The Benevolent you are ensuring that the people who make your business a success will always have somewhere to turn for practical, financial and emotional support when they need it most.

As well as investing in your employee’s welfare, a partnership with The Benevolent can also provide a myriad of other valuable benefits to your company. This includes enhancing the reputation of your company, your brands and products and motivating your staff. It could also provide opportunities to raise your company’s profile in the segments of the market in which you operate.


Targeted Impact

Support a countrywide welfare programme  that improves the lives of vulnerable people specifically from the trade.



Augment your Corporate Social Responsibility practices with a relevant partnership that promotes staff engagement and retention.


PR and Events

Enhance your brand’s reputation and engage staff with a calendar of Benevolent events to suit every taste and budget.



Engage on a level that suits the needs of your company and your employees.

Download ‘Investing in our community’, which includes information about different partnership levels HERE.

To find out more about Corporate Partnership please call 0207 089 3888 or email