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How to turn £1 of support for The Benevolent into £2…

£1 per Order ArtThe Benevolent has partnered with a number of Logistics Companies working with the UK drinks industry on a collaborative initiative to support the trade charity and thus our colleagues in need – The Benevolent Freight Forwarders £1-per-order Initiative.

This involves a simple process – all you have to do is commit to allow our partner Logistics Companies to add £1 (plus VAT where applicable) to their invoice per transport order handled by them on your Company’s behalf. However, the benefit to The Benevolent doesn’t stop there since the Logistics Companies supporting this initiative have committed to match your commitment, so for every £1 raised by the partner Logistics Companies from your Company through this initiative, a total of £2 will be donated to The Benevolent.

£1 doesn’t seem very much, but together the amounts add up, generating much needed funds for the direct benefit of those in our trade who face medical or financial hardship. An additional benefit is your company’s ability to claim tax relief by deducting the value of your donations from your total business profits before you pay tax, read more HERE.

Logistics and distribution services form an essential and valued part of the UK drinks industry’s supply chain. By supporting the Benevolent, freight forwarders and their customers are acknowledging the importance of providing assistance to vulnerable members of the wider drinks industry community.

To sign up to the initiative please notify The Benevolent by selecting the sign-up button below and the Benevolent will inform your partnering Logistics Company that you have agreed to participate. £1 will then be added to every order that you place with your logistics service provider. Your company will be sent a Certificate of Appreciation and will be listed and acknowledged on the Benevolent’s website. Once you have clicked the sign-up button, the £1 per order invoicing will commence a minimum 30 days hence, i.e. agreement received in May – billing will start from all orders invoiced from July.

Participating companies can discontinue the initiative at any time, clicking the below unsubscribe button again with the 30 day notice period prior to unsubscribing. This will immediately trigger an advice to the partner Logistics Companies and an acknowledgement to your Company.

If you have any questions about the £1-an-order please contact the Benevolent’s Marketing and Communications Manager on or call 0207 089 3888

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