Individual Supporter Testimonial

Nathan Last, Pernod Ricard UK

testimonial“I have been an individual supporter since 2009 and I would definitely encourage people from the trade to get involved for a variety of reasons.

Become an individual supporter is accessible to everyone. Donations start from £3 a month which is really quite affordable for most of us. There are of course the benefits of Gift Aid in terms of your taxes. For every pound I donate, the government tops this up with an extra 25 pence to the charity.

These are all great benefits but the real reason I joined was the fact that The Benevolent helps people who are just like you or me; they just had some bad luck along the way. This is our trade charity and I am proud that we work together to protect and support our community.

Nobody knows what could happen tomorrow so I think it is really important we support our colleagues who need us today!”

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